The next generation of Cirrus


Cirrus Aircraft recently unveiled its latest SR22 and SR22T models — dubbed Generation 5 — with a host of improvements, dominated by a 200-pound increase in the airplanes’ load carrying capability.

Increasing the certified gross weight to 3,600 pounds increases the flexibility of the airplanes, according to Dale Klapmeier, Cirrus co-founder and CEO. “It’s the most asked for improvement from our customers,” he said.

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Re-energizing GA: There’s an app for that

SF 2 - iPad Main

The numbers can be depressing: The general aviation market is down, pilot starts are down, fuel use is down. And while GA’s alphabet groups are working to change those numbers by advocating for their members, they are only reaching people who are already pilots.

“And even people who are in aviation are flying less,” noted Jeff Simon, one of the co-founders of SocialFlight, a new app and website with one goal in mind: Re-energize general aviation.

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Deliveries up slightly, billings down in 2012

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WASHINGTON, DC — Last year, airplane shipments increased just .6%, while billings were down .9%, according to figures released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

While mixed, the 2012 year-end numbers don’t reflect “the amount of development work in progress in general aviation,” said Brad Mottier,  GAMA chairman.

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