Tell your story

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Perhaps it has occurred to you. as it has to me, aviation attracts high achievers like a moth to a flame. Ours is not the domain of the weak or timid. Similarly it’s not an exclusive outpost for rich, old,... Continue Reading →

Government and GA groups differ over security actions

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — While aviation groups here are seeking to reduce the way general aviation pilots are stopped for questioning about possible terror flights, at the same time a powerful Senator was declaring concern about gaps in GA security. Continue Reading →


Why you should be a seaplane pilot

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By STEVEN McCAUGHEY Looking for a new flying adventure? Need a Flight Review? Trying to decide what is the best way to take your flying to the next skill level or what rating to pursue next? Well, I have the... Continue Reading →

Dale Klapmeier

How I Did It: Cirrus Aircraft’s Dale Klapmeier

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I read a good many “How I Did It” type stories in various business magazines. It is always interesting to learn that “now successful” business operators struggled with the same challenges I, and many others, struggle with. So when I... Continue Reading →

10,000 miles in an LSA in a month-and-a-half

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BOISE, Idaho – From one end of the United States, and back, to the other end, and back. Paul Leadabrand of Stick & Rudder Aviation flew his Kitfox S-LSA from Boise to Lakeland, Florida, for the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In and back to Boise... Continue Reading →

Touch & Go: Perspective matters

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I’m excited to see what comes of the future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones. There is a great deal yet to learn, and ways UAV technology will scale up to the benefit of all aerospace. Of that, I... Continue Reading →

With an atonal buzz and a tin ear we toddle onward

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There is a story that circulates in the music business that suggests an interesting parallel to general aviation. The story takes place in the late 1960s when Jimi Hendrix and his band arrived at the BBC studios to do a... Continue Reading →

Questions surround NextGen

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The FAA reported earlier this month that it had completed nationwide equipment installation for the NextGen aircraft tracking system. The announcement — like others in the past and probably those in the future — raises more questions... Continue Reading →

Is there an STC for a primer system for my engine?

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Q: I have been looking for a possible STC to install a primer system on a O-320-A2D. Would you know of one? JERRY BARNHILL, Longville, La. Continue Reading →

Fatigue: The pilot’s common cold

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Returning from a short tropical vacation, I barely napped on the transatlantic red-eye. It was the night before my third airplane instructional flight. During the ground lesson, I thought I was hiding my jetlag pretty well from my instructor. It... Continue Reading →