Hartzell Top Prop certified for C-185s

Operators of Cessna A185E and A185F Skywagon aircraft can now achieve improved takeoff performance with Hartzell’s three-blade metal props featuring longer wide chord blades.

hartzell185Hartzell’s STC provides two new Top Prop options, above its 80-inch diameter offering. At either 84-inch or 86-inch diameters, the new propellers, operated at 2,700 rpm, reduce acceleration-to-50-knots times by a measured 8.2% over stock 80-inch propellers operated at 2,850 rpm. Hartzell officials say they believe this is especially useful for float and bush operations.

List price is $9,750 for either diameter.

For more information: HartzellProp.com

Hartzell Earns STC for Piper ‘Top Prop’

hartzellpiperThe latest addition to Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop line-up is its second generation, advanced composite propeller now STC’d and available for Piper PA46 Matrix and Mirage piston-engine aircraft.

The three-blade propellers offer significant weight savings, through a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar blades and its new lightweight aluminum hub, Hartzell officials said. This combination saves nearly 11 pounds on the nose versus Hartzell’s first generation advanced composite propeller that is currently standard on these aircraft.

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Hartzell props available for RVs

Van’s Aircraft now offers Hartzell Propeller’s new ASC-II advanced composite constant speed propellers on its current line.hartzell1rv-10

Van’s RV models powered by Lycoming -360 engines will accept the new Hartzell two-blade ASC-II composite props, while the RV-10 (pictured) with Lycoming -540 powerplants can use the new three-blade composite propeller.

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