Is the ADS-B glass half full?

In a new post, AirFacts blogger John Zimmerman notes that over the past 25 years, pilots have complained about three different transponder rules: Mode C, Mode S and now ADS-B. Is the FAA really this incompetent, or do pilots just like to gripe? As usual, the answer is a little bit of both, he says, but adds that he thinks the “ADS-B glass is half full.”

Doomsday scenarios suggest thousands of airplanes will be parked on Jan. 1, 2020, orphaned by an arbitrary FAA rule. The more likely scenario is a lot less dire: Pilots who don’t equip with ADS-B will simply avoid busy airspace. Pilots have decades of experience at muddling through; that will come in handy once again. And, he notes, ADS-B actually offers some benefits. Read his full post here.